Which Body Part You Should Flaunt Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Astrology is written upon our bodies. What does this mean? It means that each body region, part, and system is directly tied to an astrological sign, a cosmic representation. If you know each natal chart house, you will know that the first house is connected to Aries and the twelfth house to Pisces. Aries represents the head and Pisces the feet; hence, everything that rests in between the head and the feet, moving from top to bottom, from the first to the twelfth, follows the flow of the zodiac signs and corporeal order. Once you know that, the foundations of medical astrology are much easier to grasp. But you’re not here for a medical astrology course, you’re here to know which body part you should flaunt according to your sun sign, right. So let’s jump right into it. Let’s see which body part is your prized physical manifestation of your spiritual self. And from there, you can decide how you want to display that part, if at all. Or maybe you’ve already been aware of this, consciously or subconsciously. Remember, not all signs will be into flaunting body parts, but it is important to know which areas of the body are tethered to your zodiac sign and how that plays a role in your human experience.

#1 Aries: Put Your Best Face Forward

Oh Aries, giving face all day long –yes, darling. You got a unique face, maybe not the prettiest, but there is something about your face that is irresistible. In medical astrology, you rule the head and the brain, so this means everything on the head is your domain. The face is you and you are the face. You might have a lovely broad forehead, a unique smile albeit a bit mischievous, interesting nostrils, or intense, animalistic stares. Whether you rock a face full of make-up or go barefaced, you are at your best when you can flaunt your face. So make sure you have a good skin care routine to let that complexion do what it does best –shine all the way from Mars and back again. You probably love a bright red lip, too because all that Mars passion got you feeling yourself.

#2 Taurus: Expose That Neck Girl

Pop that neck, Taurus. Or better yet pop a collar. You attract attention to your throat area, like a bird does to get her mate’s attention. Female humans also expose their necks to potential mates, it’s a flirtatious device that works quite well actually. Being that you are so fond of the throat, you will likely be into necklaces like chokers or luxurious scarves. You are the throat area because you love food and being fed, it’s all that Venus energy that indulges in the sweetness of life. And for this reason, you love adorning your neck and feeding your palate. It’s highly likely that you will have something special about your voice, perhaps seductive or alluring, so feel free to flaunt that aspect of yourself, too. You’re about flaunting the neckline, but also those vocal chords.

#3 Gemini: Halter Tops Should Be Your Best Friend

Gemini, you are the queen of hand gestures and demonstrative arm movements. Coming from Mercury, you communicate and the easiest way you know how to do this is through your arms and hands. Since the shoulders are included here, your wardrobe is probably filled with tons of sleeveless tops like halters, tube tops, and off-the-shoulder numbers. You can’t hide those stunning shoulders and why would you want to anyways. When you show off your shoulders and arms, you just feel sexy, you’re not even sure why, but now you know. Exposing this area will give you freedom to express yourself in many ways. Most of y’all will be into working out this body area, too, so you’re already plugged into that sexy shoulder game.

#4 Cancer: Flaunt What Your Mama Gave You

Va-va-va-voom, Cancer, you are often, if not always, ready and willing to let the girls have some breathing space and a little fun. The chest is your best asset. It does not mean that you have a large bosom, although most who are full moon Cancers will have an ample chest while a new moon might be less endowed in this area. What is know, though, is that you love giving life to this area. You’re into lacey bras, dangling necklaces that fall between your breasts, plunging necklines, and anything that draws attention to your breasts. It makes perfect sense, too. With the Moon as your guide, that maternal reflective light, that intuitive energy, that first food, you will be in tune to all that’s around you as thought connected directly to your own heart. Related to the stomach as well, you might enjoy some crop tops, too.