Well That Escalated Quickly: 6 Crazy Escalator Fails

People never cease to amaze with their stupidity. Take escalators for example. How hard is it to put on foot on and then the other. Some people treat it like it’s rocket science which leads to epic fails. Get ready to laugh your buns off at these inept fools.

#1 Stop in the name of the law.

This poor security guard has no chance of catching this daredevil. The biker is lucky he didn’t crash coming down the escalator. Hell, I am amazed the mall cop didn’t fall down the escalator.

#2 Escalators are not toys.

Just because you see someone do something on the internet doesn’t mean that you should try to copy it. Case in point, this idiot who was trying to spin like others have done and posted online. I hope he’s okay.

#3 Right in the family jewels.

Why this fool decided to slide down this escalators rails knowing there were obstructions on the way down I will never know. He certainly paid for it in a very painful way. You live and you learn.

#4 It could have been worse.

If you’re going to ride an escalator you might want to make sure you are wearing shoes. This person is lucky they didn’t get their toes stuck.